If you’ve subscribed or are considering subscribing to the Iron Filings Society for extra stuff and that, here are some questions you might be asking…

 What will I get as an IFS member and how much will it cost?

For $4.00 (approximately £3.00) +VAT each month, you get…

  • A bonus deep dive episode each week - currently 'The Melchester Odyssey' and with a 19-episode archive of 'The Keane Odyssey 2' for you to enjoy. 

  • The 'free-to-air' Wednesday deep dive episode (currently Kevin Keegan) a week early. 

  • Advance notice/early bird ticket links for any live shows we do

  • All the regular 'free' episodes with all the ads removed (and quite often the night before they go ‘free-to-air’

  • Our eternal love and gratitude

  • We'll probably chuck in some other exclusive stuff in the future once we get round to it. Maybe something Dick Turpin-related...

(*Please note that as Patreon is an American company, the amount charged is in US dollars but will convert to approximately £3.00 (+VAT))

(All exclusive episodes will be free-to-air after nine months - but you'd have to be some kind of wanker to want to wait that long) 

Why am I paying in US dollars?

We’re running the IFS through the Patreon site and as Patreon is an American company, the amount charged is in US dollars but will convert to approximately £3.00 (+VAT) per month.

 When will I be charged?

You’ll be charged upon subscribing and then charged on the first day of every subsequent month.

Why is the Iron Filings Society a thing?

We love doing Top Flight Time Machine and we want it to be a long-term thing. But we can’t do it all for free - we’ve both got kids and coin drop addictions that need feeding.

How do I get the exclusive bonus episodes?

Once you subscribe you’ll get your own private RSS link which you can add to most podcast apps (but NOT Spotify or PodBean at the moment). You’ll only need to do this once and you’ll then get all the regular episodes as you do now, as well as all the bonus ones.

 How do I add the private RSS link?

Most podcast apps (but not Spotify or PodBean at the moment) have a special area where you can do this. For example, in Apple Podcasts, go to ‘Library’ then ‘Edit’ then ‘Add a Podcast by URL’. If you get stuck, drop us a line at topflighttimemachine@gmail.com and we’ll try our best to help you out.

I can’t find my private RSS link for the IFS podcasts?

You’ll have received an email with it in when you signed up. Alternatively, if you go to https://www.patreon.com/topflighttimemachine/overview it’ll be there under ‘Audio RSS Link’. 

I can’t get the RSS link in the Patreon email to work in my podcast player.

Check that your link starts with http://patreon.com – sometimes when you copy from the email, it’ll have ‘email.mailgun’ near the start of the link. Delete that bit. Best bet is to copy the link directly from your Patreon page rather than the email.

Can you recommend an alternative podcast app to Spotify or Podbean?

There are loads – for iOS, there’s Acast, Overcast, Podcruncher, Castbox, Pocketcasts, and loads more.

For Android, there’s Acast, Castbox, PocketCasts (Important: please see this article in their support center), Podcast Addict or Podcast Go.

There’s also the Patreon app itself, which will have everything you get as an Iron Filings Society member in one place.

Why is Overcast asking me to a username and password when I paste the Patreon RSS?

You need to click on ‘done’ rather than ‘use password’ after adding the RSS feed, but if you do get asked for them, leave the user and password fields blank and press ‘next’ to get past them.

Will I be able to download the podcasts?

Most podcast apps allow this, yes.  

Is there a minimum period of sign up?

One month.

How easy is it to cancel if I don’t like it?

Very easy, just cancel your monthly payment via your Patreon account.

 What about the VAT bit?

That gets charged by Patreon according to whichever country you’re in and in addition to your monthly charge (but all in the same payment) – it’s usually around 20% though.

I like it – how do I sign up?

Just go to our Patreon page, set up an account and subscribe!

 I have a question that you haven’t covered here.

No problem – drop us a line at topflighttimemachine@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to help.